Good quality and good service is useless without marketing that is, creating good brand awareness, identifying the target group and creating a profitable market for our products.

There are several information channels to communicate promotional messages but all businesses strive to be the most effective at the lowest price. We help you to choose the most effective channel through which you can reach your target group most effectively.


Identifying the position of a product or service in the circle of customers or in a possibly narrow market segment. With the help of this, taking into consideration several aspects, we can identify the position of a product or service, compared to that of competitors.

Surveying Competitors Position

After identifying a company’s market position, we can focus on major market players or competitors to explore aspects and factors influencing market processes.

Surveying Customers Needs

In order to ensure better and long-term partnership with customers it is essential to understand and know customers’ needs and expectations.


After surveying market situations and customers’ needs, we can work out a marketing strategy where we define marketing activities to help our customers achieve the possible highest market share as soon as possible.

Interviews, Focus groups

In fields where the number of analysable units is low (respondents, companies), or the nature of problem requires qualitative research, we conduct in-depth interviews or focus group discussions as the most practical methods.

Questionnaire Based Surveys

The best method to obtain quantitative data is to use questionnaire-based surveys.

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